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Site Builder

Allows you to Create, Edit and Fully Manage a great NEW website using our powerful and intuitive Site Builder (anything from a Blog, personal or for business use)

HTML Editor

Allows you Edit an EXISTING web site designed by anyone and hosted elsewhere.

Site Goodies

Create awesome interactive features for your website with our easy to use interactive Add-ons. Attract returning visitors, connect to your users and better promote your site.


Music Player

The easy to use intuitive feature to create professional music players to share your music and audio files.

Easy sign-up

Create and Customize Music Players

Add it to your website or Blog

No installation or set-up

No software downloads

Why use it?

Easily and quickly create, customize, upload and manage your music online for your website, blog or any other online medium. With EWC Music Player, we give you the power to quickly and easily customize its design and theme to your needs:

Simple & Easy to Use

The easy to use online music player makes it simple to create, populate and publish your music online on the fly.

It's Scalable to your needs

Create a player and come back later to modify the design, switch to a new template or add more tracks as needed. Create multiple players each with their own assets and files.

Give it Your Own Flare

Choose from a template and then fully customize it to your desired needs. Select from available presets or fully customize the design to fit your needs.

For a better video experience switch to full screen and change to 720p HD instead of the 360p default setting

  • Complete control panel area to mange and oversee your features
  • select from presets
  • Multiple themes to choose from (ever expanding library!)
  • Multiple sizes to choose from within each theme
  • Full theme control and customization
  • Select from a starter template
  • Select preferred size that best fit your needs
  • Over 20 customize options to mange your design
  • Manage font style and color
  • Control content speed and directions
  • Control content elasticity
  • Play and Pause
  • Previous and forward to next track
  • Manage background color
  • Manage background image
  • Control content scroll order
  • Switch between themes
  • Customize the width and height to fit your size needs.
  • Zoom in on your player for close inspection
  • Access anytime to modify and repopulate with new images/text.
  • XML Driven content
  • Publish to web page
  • Generate music player URL
  • Generate Embed code
  • Self contained .swf administration
  • Optimized for minimum play back delay
  • Create multiple animations from one system.


Music Player Add-on is included as part of the Site Builder and HTML Editor (Complete) versions.

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